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 client experiences 

From the massage table

"I have had several energy/massage sessions with Kate.  She has a magical touch and intuitively flows with what my body is needing.  I highly recommend her."

- RP

"Kate's approach to guiding yoga is the perfect blend of movement and presence. Her compassionate nature supports you and brings you to a state of awareness while also encouraging you to your comfortable edge in postures that can be more challenging. Anytime I have taken her class, I have walked out feeling clear, light, and full of energy"


"She made me feel the most relaxed I have ever been. I can't compare it to anything else"


"Absolutely amazing class. If you're looking for a balance between peaceful and challenging class, this is your class. Kate was a great teacher. I'll definitely come again "


 "Kate listens to all my concerns prior and after, great pressure, super soothing massage, and great service. My favorite part of the massage was her technique and delicate attention to what I needed, highly recommend!"


"I thoroughly enjoy Kate’s yoga classes. She is extremely knowledgeable about the human body. She's able to guide postures that target specific muscle groups and attune to the class or individual’s needs."


TO the Yoga mat

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