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The Power of Rewiring Your Thinking

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

I was once told that your five best friends are a collective representation of yourself, which makes sense if we live in a world where everything is a reflection. You may already instinctively know that you are always being influenced by your environment, and the people you surround yourself with. As humans we are constantly absorbing energy through the vibrational field, perpetually existing within and without us. This means metaphysically, that the more unsure of who we are, the more suggestible we become, creating less boundaries between us and the vibrational field. This is also called being an empath. (I would know from experience.) The energy of our environment will become the vibration of who we are over time unless we are able to distinguish between the true self and outside influences.

Our whole beings are constantly absorbing and projecting energy, but it primarily happens first through what we call thought forms. Thoughts then lead to feelings which lead to a reaction in the body as it is turned into energy, settling as either ease, or dis-ease.

There is a paradigm of belief that negative thought forms are usually not our own, and are instead just energetic entities and attachments being allowed in through the vibrational field. In this paradigm, energetic attachments thrive off of energy that is already resonating at that level, because it is being fed the same frequency. So in fact, the more negative energy one possesses, the more room there is for negative attachments to latch on, and vice versa. Energy either spirals up or downwards. In a separate paradigm, thoughts come from the self, or past experiences and programing.

Our brains are like a computer, always taking in information about the world, collecting memories, and experiences and making sense of these experiences in relation to the ego and self. Beliefs immediately become programmed, rewired and manifest our reality. This means what we believe actually becomes our life. Every experience matters from the second we are born, in fact even in the womb we are being conditioned to the way we will experience life. If the mother does not want the baby, the baby will pick up on it energetically. This may mean the mother is undergoing stress, and her body is reacting to it, the womb knows the woman does not want the baby, and the uterus may contract, and the baby will feel restrained, coming into the world feeling restrained and unwanted.

Energy work such as reiki and specialized kinesiology serves the purpose to clear and balance the body, which is very important, but we can also do our part to prevent low vibrations to enter by first becoming aware of the thought-forms.

Your thoughts are so important because they turn into beliefs which turn into patterns that dictate the projection of your life. Based on self belief, we apply a sense of worthiness to ego in relation to the world. Many self deprecating thoughts are what keep us in victim mode, telling us we can’t, whether it is conscious or unconscious. Our thoughts reaffirm our beliefs about ourselves, each one being impactful and influencing the next, like the butterfly effect. Based upon our feelings of worthiness, we are dictating whether or not we are able to achieve goals, take risks, form new relationships, etc. You will keep yourself bound within the walls of your self created reality. All we know is the box where we live, built by our own minds. The world I see is most likely far different than the world you see.

It is also important to know that the ego always works to protect us from what it knows about the world given the experiences it has had, which can lead us to shut down or hide, but you can break the pattern by becoming detached from the past whilst reprogramming beliefs.

For instance, you may hate your job, and want to quit to start your own business, but in your world you have developed the belief that if you take a risk you will always fail. This may be true now because you have believed it to be. This is your ego protecting you from failure. Your ego is the essence of fear. If you feel unwanted, perhaps you believe nobody will love you or want to be your friend, so you are scared to reach out to others out of fear of being rejected. You keep relationships at a distance, and you actually end up with the same result of your own belief. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. The energy in which the thoughts are resonating with and attached to are also being projected into the world, and telling everyone else where you are, and what you believe about yourself. If you do not feel worthy of your dream job, you will project that vibration through your whole being and you will inherently never receive it. In a recurrent thought pattern/mindset, you will never reach for something greater, or step out of comfort zone to experience the endless possibilities of the world. It all comes from beliefs of the self and recognition of ego. So the first step is to change beliefs that change your vibrational energy and will change your entire world. This starts with simple awareness.

Step One: Become aware of negative thinking

There are multiple paradigms to in which we can view our thoughts. Traditional meditation teaches us to simply notice our thoughts, and let them pass like clouds, which can be very helpful during meditation, but if we never address the root of the thoughts, and process them, they will always come back. Thoughts are meant to be evaluated and will continue to exist in the body if they are not acknowledged. If we do not recognize our own mind we can get stuck feeling like a victim, constantly manifesting it as we reaffirm negative beliefs. Meditation teaches us to be mindful and aware of thoughts when they come, to control energetic flow. The more practice one has in meditation, the more one is programing their brain to become aware on a daily basis. This awareness is helpful in almost every aspect of life.

Step Two: Understand where the thought is coming from

When you are aware of a negative thought you can pause, notice it, acknowledge it with gratitude and simply ask it where it is coming from. You will get an answer if you are quiet enough. Usually self-deprecating thoughts stem from a recurrent belief. It is helpful to be curious of that belief. The more awareness you develop, and the more you explore your own thinking, self, and past experiences, the better you can get at understanding what the belief is. Meditation also helps to build the awareness of our inner knowingness, allowing us to understand our thoughts at a deeper level.

Step three: Reprogramming the belief

Once one is aware of their own self beliefs, the rest is simple. Because the brain is a computer, we can change beliefs by mantras and affirmations. If the self belief is “I am not worthy of love,” we change the belief by saying the opposite, "I am worthy of love." For example, In the past, I have struggled with issues around food and eating. When I found that I have eaten more than I would like, or unhealthier that I would like I sometimes get upset, and start planning my food for the next day and obsess over control. It was then that I non judgmentally recognized these thoughts and form awareness around the deeper rooted issue which is not about food, but about self acceptance, and being good enough the way I am. I will say to myself “I am enough” “I am perfect just the way I am” or “It is ok to eat, this food nourishes me.”Turning it into a mantra and saying it enough will slowly begin to change our thoughts, which then change our beliefs, and with enough practice, eventually our entire reality becomes reformed.

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