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5 Easy Meditative Strategies

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Simple methods to ground, connect, and center yourself. Use whenever, wherever.

  1. Imagining light running throughout your body, growing from your core, or your feet, focus on each body part as the light engulfs it. Feel yourself glow as the light becomes your entire body

  2. Picture your feet growing roots through the ground, as they connect to the center of the earth, sending up grounding energy. Also envision a beam of light coming from your forehead up into the sky delivering to you energy from spirit. This method helps you to be balanced with earth and spirit energy

  3. Breathing in life force, (Pranayama). Imagine inhaling the energy around you (this is sounds, senses, vibrations, or whatever you feel as energy in your presence) and exhaling it back out into the universe.

  4. Accepting and letting thoughts be, don’t put your focus or judge them, but simply acknowledge them. Thank them, tell them you will address them at another time, and let them pass as clouds.

  5. Remember your true soul essence. Remember you are not your body...begin to observe your body as just a part of nature. You are like the trees; thoughtless, yet alive and conscious.

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