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My story

I have been in the world of  natural health since 2019 after first getting certified as a yoga teacher in Atlanta Georgia, where I grew up. Ever Since then, I kept diving deeper into my journey of  yoga, meditation, spirituality, and holistic health. I later went on to learn from various teachers, receiving certifications in magnified healing, hypnotherapy, and Reiki.

During the summer of 2020 in the heat of Covid-19, I left the city and moved to Asheville, North Carolina. There, I started teaching yoga at a studio and fell in love with the mountains. I developed a deeper connection to nature and the lifestyle I had been seeking. I found so much joy holding yoga groups and ceremonies at my studio, and at home!

In 2022, I decided to go to massage school where I received my  certification, and state license. After graduating, I started working as a massage therapist at the Grove Park Inn Spa. To this day, I am always enthused to keep learning  more bodywork and natural healing modalities.


Not only am I passionate about one-on-one sessions, I also strongly believe that bringing people together in group settings is so powerful. We all need each other's support, and to know that we are not alone in this journey


Growing up...

  • Center for Massage and Natural Health, Asheville, NC

  • 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, West Side Yoga, Atlanta GA

  • Reiki Certification Level 1

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Magnified Healing® Phase 1

Growing up, I was an avid gymnast and athlete, with a love for animals, and all things art and design. I became a vegetarian at age 7, and so Yogic lifestyle became unavoidable once I discovered meditation. I naturally transitioned from gymnastics and diving to my yoga mat.

As a teen,  I spent three months in Colorado and Utah where I learned survival skills and to live off the land. This is where I first developed a real connection to nature. I later attended boarding school in Montana.

To this day, I am very passionate about poetry, and even have published work in a book featuring Montana artists. I also love to dance, hike, spend time with friends, and snuggle with my adorable dog Barry!

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