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What is Reiki Energy Healing?


The term "Reiki" is translated as "spiritually guided universal life force energy."  


Reiki is an ancient healing technique that originated in the late 1800's in Japan. It was later used by Buddhist monks and brought to America. This life force energy is brought to the receiver through the practitioner's hands.

In a Reiki session you may expect a light tingly feeling, warmth, or feel emotions traveling through certain parts.  


In my practice I connect to the clients body and move the energy through with or without touch and guidance to the client. Sometimes it means holding the body or pressure points, sometimes it means having the client breathe while clenching and unclenching muscles, and sometimes they just need non-touch energy work and guided meditation 


Hour-long energy healing sessions may include little to no physical touch, breath work, guided meditations and hypnotic suggestions. I often use essential oils and stones to deepen the feeling of total immersion, and relaxation.


What you can expect:

  • A deep sense of relaxation

  • Heat, cold, electricity, vibration, or a tickling feeling

  • Positively altered thought patterns

  • Chakra balance and feelings of alignment

  • Release of old stagnant energies

  • Increased self awareness


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